4 Advantages of Having an Outdoor Dog Kennel

TruPoint Backyards has sheds for every member of the family and even our four-legged friends. Our dog kennels are spacious and provide both outdoor enjoyment and indoor protection when needed. Many of us enjoy having our pets in the house with us, but the outdoors is a dog’s natural environment. They will enjoy being outside if the weather isn’t too extreme.

Here are four advantages to having an outdoor dog kennel.

1. Better for Your Dog While You’re Not Home

There are a couple of reasons why it’s better for dogs to be somewhat free outside. They have more space to enjoy the fresh air, instead of being in a cramped indoor cage or kennel. And they are able to use the bathroom as needed. If you leave them to roam the house, you run the risk of the dog chewing or eating something that it’s not supposed to. This is especially true if it’s facing any separation anxiety.

Having the kennel also gives you peace of mind when you must be away from the house for an entire day. You can rest assured, knowing that the dog has different areas to move around and use the bathroom if needed.

2. A Dog Kennel is Perfect for Outdoor Breeds

If you have a working dog or a hunting dog, the pup may be happier living in the outdoor kennel rather than in the house. These dogs also tend to be larger and have heavier coats, more suited for outdoor living. You’ll have to make sure that you have the correct size kennel for the dog’s size.

3. Keep the House Cleaner

If you or someone in your house suffers from allergies, having a dog can make things miserable. It can sometimes be hard to keep up between the hair and the dog bringing in allergens from the outside. It can be beneficial to have an area for the dog to relax while you’re cleaning the house. You may even limit the time that Fido spends inside during allergy season. Allergy season is usually in the spring and temperatures are often moderate enough for a dog to stay outdoors comfortably.

4. Accommodating Non-Dog Lovers

You may have relatives or friends who aren’t exactly dog people. Having a place for your pup to comfortably stay while you have these house guests is a nice perk to have. Much like the earlier point, you can also have a spot for the dog if any guests have specific allergies.

TruPoint Backyards’ dog kennels have 6.5-foot walls and a Techshield radiant barrier on the roof, so it doesn’t get too hot or cold inside. Visit our shed sales center or click here to request a quote for a custom dog kennel today!