6 Easy Tips for How to Keep Your Shed Attractive

You’ve brought home your new shed, so now what? Taking good care of your shed is an important aspect of shed ownership. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your shed looking sharp.

1. Choose premium construction.

Choose premium construction. Be sure to choose a shed with quality materials and durable construction. A shed with
premium construction is much easier to maintain than a shed whose materials will easily break down.

2. Landscape the area around your shed.

Landscape the area around your shed. Adding flowers or shrubs around your shed gives your shed an attractive look and adds aesthetic value to your yard.

3. Give your shed an annual maintenance check.

Give your shed an annual maintenance check. Every year, take some time to look over your shed and see if it needs to be cleaned or if it has any issues to take care of. Keeping it clear of dirt and taking care of small issues right away helps to prevent major issues later on.

4. Touch-up the exterior

The exterior will naturally wear down over time, especially with frequent use or rough weather. Taking time to
touch-up the paint or re-stain the wood when it gets blemished guarantees that attractive look will last. If you don’t have any touch up paint, contact your truPoint Backyards dealer, and they’ll get some for you!

5. Clean inside your shed.

Clean inside your shed. Build-up of dirt, mud, and water inside your shed will cause the interior to rot and create nasty odors. Maintaining the inside of your shed ensures it not only lasts long, but smells good as it does.

6. Think about installing LuxGuard flooring

Think about installing LuxGuard flooring. LuxGuard flooring allows you to protect your floor against rotting. It also adds stability to the structure of your shed. LuxGuard is a strong, rubber flooring with fiberglass backing. It protects your shed floor floor from leaks, chips, and strain from heavy equipment.

Once you get your shed installed, extend its lifespan by maintaining it well. These simple habits for keeping your shed attractive will help your shed last for years to come.