Premium Construction You Can Trust

Quality Difference

Sometimes as a shed company we can get too focused on cutting build costs in order to increase profits. This too often leads to low quality sheds with no personalized design. These sheds tend to fail to sufficiently help the customer. At TruPoint, we believe everyone ought to receive the highest quality experience no matter what. We include you in the design process in order to build the perfect shed with premium construction.

Seamless Rubber Floor

We use LuxGuard to keep your shed from having bad odors, nasty stains, or rotting. LuxGuard is made from seamless textured rubber and comes with a fiberglass backing and bonus layer of wood for triple-layer strength.

Premium Framing Lumber

Every shed is framed with Select Spruce, valued for its durability and clean grain. Free from the knots, surface defects, and color variants other framing lumber typically has, we have found Select Spruce to be ideal for shed construction.

Radiant Heat Barrier

Techshield is the #1 rated radiant barrier technology that reduces solar heat gain to keep indoor temperatures cooler.

Deluxe Threshold Protection

For guaranteeing a threshold that never breaks down, we use a strong, polished aluminum kick plate on every entryway.

Superior Structural Strength

Instead of placing wall studs, floor joists, and rafters every 24”, we place them at every 16”. Adding hurricane ties to this, giving a secure connection between roof and walls, make our structures stronger than most in the industry.

Stiffest Floor in the Industry

Instead of using the industry-usual 2×4’s, which can twist and bend, we use 2×6 floor joists to give you the stiffest floor in the industry.

Fully Customizable Features