About Us

The TruPoint Difference

Personalized Care

It all began when Gabe Schlabach started to feel that people buying sheds needed more personalized care. Too often, companies selling buildings focus on efficient mass production and making the final sale. Gabe desired to work directly with his customers as the builder and give them more personalized care.

Premium Construction

Gabe also wanted to do construction the way it should be done. Instead of taking short cuts to save on the cost of materials, he wanted to do whatever it takes to build sheds that last long. As a result, all TruPoint sheds use LuxGaurd, Techshield radiant barrier, and the sturdiest wood floors in the industry, giving our customers the highest quality product.

TruPoint guarantees premium construction because we build each shed ourselves. This allows us to customize the shed the way you’d like it and get it built faster than other companies. Our sheds come directly from builder to consumer, which makes it possible for you to feel fully satisfied about the product, the price, and the procedure.

The TruPoint Way

Most warranties and paperwork customers fill out protect the company, not the customer. The TruPoint way is simple: treat everyone fairly. This motif has enabled us to grow to 7 manufacturing sites and over 30 full-time employees. We enjoy getting the opportunity to show our customers that we are not your average shed company.

Fully Customizable Features