Methods of Framing a Shed and Popular Styles of Shed Roofs

Sheds are great for your garden or storage for your home. You can use a shed to store gardening tools, or convert it into a multipurpose room. Here you’ll find what you need to know to build a shed, with a special focus on framing a shed roof.

Methods of Framing a Shed and Popular Styles of Shed Roofs

Building a shed roof that you can stand on requires either a center support beam or a set of purlins on which the roof rafters rest. There are two basic options for the rafters, or roof members, depending on which method you choose.

  • You can choose to install a basic rafter with lap joints. This is the simplest method.
  • You can choose to build rafters with a bird’s mouth. This means they have a notch at the bottom where they rest on the center beam/purlins. This eliminates any racking, or sway, in the roof.

Popular Styles of Shed Roofs

1 – Gable Roof Framing

The most common style to build is the gable roof, which is exactly what it sounds like: a triangle shape. There are many different ways to build this style of roof. But to build a shed roof that you can stand on, you need a center support beam. It is placed at the highest point of the shed, above where the rafters will rest.

2 – Gambrel Roof

This shed roof is similar to a saltbox roof, except the upper section is longer. It slopes down at an angle and then back up, creating a “U” shape where the rafters sit.

A shed roof provides shelter from the heat of the sun. You’ll also want to make sure that you build a shed roof that you can stand on for accessibility. Make sure to build a shed roof that follows your area’s building codes.
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